How to start home-schooling?

It is found that over 2 million students are home schooled in the United States every year and the number increases. There are many reasons.: Not satisfied with the public-school education, customize the education as per the child’s requirement, spend quality time with children, religious reasons and the list goes on. The reason may be different, but it is important to know that everybody has the right to home-school their child. It is not as difficult as we think to start Home-schooling.

how to start home-schooling
How to start homeschooling

Reasons are many to start with home-schooling

Many parents opted for Home-schooling, as they are not satisfied with the quality of education they were receiving at their public schools. Even though the child gets good education from private schools, with today’s economy, it is not an option for many of us. In recent years, tuition fees have skyrocketed, because of that, many parents are opted to give their children home-schooling as the way to get their children a good education.

Initial Homework to start Home-schooling.

Getting started can be a bit difficult.  But when you make the plunge and get beyond the initial year, I am very much sure that you and your child will discover home-schooling to be the most fruitful decision you have ever made. You get to recognize your child in a manner that you can in no way have imagined. You and your child will have a lot of fun and games. As an educator, you will have a lot of responsibilities. And sometimes it is found that to spend more time preparing the lesson than actual time spent teaching the child. So, the result will be amazing. You can focus on his strength, weakness, and hobbies allowing us to make our home-schooling enjoyable, rewarding and memorable.

Visit your local school superintendent- is the first important step to consider before you start the home-schooling.

As a parent to give your child Home-schooling, the first thing you have to do is to visit your local school superintendent. You can take the legal assistance from him to start the Home-schooling in your community. No need to be over-excited by the rules and regulations they might send you.  Even though it might look a bit complicated, normally it requires you to teach 180 days a year and 6 hours a day. But remember, as you are giving one-to-one attention to your child, you can cover more portions per day than a public-school student.  At the end of the academic year, they might ask you to provide the attendance sheet of your child, so they can record that your child is doing home-schooling.

Deciding what to teach – before you start home-schooling

Deciding what to teach can be the biggest barrier that keeps back many home-school parents. Unless you want to home-school your child, I recommend following the syllabus of the standard curriculum taught to the other kids in the class your child is attending. So as a taxpayer, you have the right to use the textbooks used by public students.  This gives me an idea of what other children are learning, which gives me a place to start.  Between these books and other online resources like Edhelper, I can come up with a program specific to my child’s needs and interests. Some home-school parents buy curriculums. It may be a bit expensive.  But if you are really worried about what to teach, this can be an answer.

 It comes with a workbook, a teacher’s lesson plan, and even ready-to-use tests and quizzes. There are many home-schooling programs available to purchase. and we can find it online. Another option is an online school.  I have no experience with these, but I know they are growing in popularity. Your child can join many online classes, available on the internet. It provides homework and tests with live teacher assistance.

Find joy in teaching-is the main quality – to achieve to start the home-schooling

Whichever path you take, remember that it is NOT a stressful situation. Laugh and have fun with your child. Color, paint, paint, create volcanoes and watch them explode! Assist with games to learn the multiplication tables. But don’t forget to equip yourself with the basics, so that your child is ready to go out into the world and become a productive member of society. And finally, ask what your child wants to learn. That is their education. Make it an experience none of you will ever forget.

Listed below are some of the Home-schooling providers.