global student network

The Global Student Network is the parent company of the International Virtual Learning Academy. Their curriculum spans over 2,000 courses and they cater to homeschooling families, private, public, and charter schools too. 

Among the courses available are:

  • Honors
  • World Languages
  • Career
  • Technical Education
  • AP®, GED® (Test Prep only), and Adult Education

For families new to homeschooling, they also provide a premium academic advisor service to help parents choose the right curriculum.

Global student network provides highest quality online curriculum option to home schooling families and schools. Whether you are new or experienced home-schooling family, Global Student Network is here to assist you on your educational journey.  GSN has several curriculum options for you to choose from which are ready to go, no lesson planning required.  With GSN you can choose the curriculum you will use, the courses your student will take, and the schedule that meet your needs. GSN gives you the flexibility and freedom to educate your child with confidence.

Step 1 – Choose a curriculum

Global Student Network understands not one curriculum is a fit for every student. With this knowledge, GSN has partnered with the best curriculum available to provide you with many options.  To choose the best fit for your student, begin by viewing each of our demos.  It is important that both you and the student view the demos.  Login and look around.  Make note of the features you like or do not like about each one.  Which curriculum you use is personal preference.  The same standards will be met in each product. It is the “look and feel” and some of the features of the curriculum that will appeal to you or your student.  You can find more information about each our products on the curriculum tab.  Please contact us if you have any additional questions.